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Making Money While in College: The Best Nightlife-Related University Side Hustles

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Crowded dancefloor at a nightclub and all the guests are taking pictures of the party with their phones.

Are you a university student looking to earn some extra cash while studying? With the vibrant nightlife scene surrounding college campuses, there are numerous opportunities to turn your passion for nightlife into a lucrative side hustle.

In this blog post, we will explore the best nightlife-related university side hustles that can help you make money while balancing your studies. Whether it's nightclub promoting, event planning, selling tickets, or bartending, these side hustles offer a perfect blend of excitement, flexibility, and earning potential.

Nightclub Promoting

Nightclub promoting is an excellent side hustle for university students who love the nightlife scene and have strong networking skills. As a promoter, you'll work closely with clubs to attract guests to their events. The more attendees you bring in, the higher your earnings through commissions on ticket sales or bottle service reservations. This side hustle offers flexible hours and the opportunity to attend exciting events while earning money.

Event Planning

If you have a knack for organization and attention to detail, event planning can be a rewarding side hustle. Universities often host various events, including parties, fundraisers, and conferences. By offering your event planning services, you can earn money by coordinating and managing these events. Develop your skills in budgeting, logistics, and vendor management while gaining valuable experience in the event industry.

Ticket Sales

Selling tickets for concerts, parties, and other entertainment events is another fantastic side hustle option for university students. You can collaborate with event organizers, local venues, or even start your own ticketing platform. By leveraging your social networks, promoting events, and selling tickets, you earn commissions on each ticket sold. This side hustle allows you to immerse yourself in the music and entertainment industry while earning money.


Bartending is a classic side hustle that offers a perfect blend of socializing, creativity, and earning potential. Many bars and nightclubs near college campuses are often looking for reliable and outgoing bartenders. By acquiring the necessary certifications and honing your mixology skills, you can work part-time shifts, especially during peak nightlife hours. Bartending not only offers competitive hourly wages but also the opportunity to earn additional tips.

Benefits of Nightlife-Related University Side Hustles

a. Flexibility: These side hustles often provide flexible schedules, allowing you to work around your class timetable and study commitments.

b. Networking Opportunities: Engaging in nightlife-related side hustles allows you to connect with industry professionals, club owners, DJs, and fellow students with similar interests. These connections can open doors to future career opportunities or collaborations.

c. Skill Development: Each side hustle offers unique skill-building opportunities. Nightclub promoting hones your networking and marketing skills, event planning develops organizational and problem-solving abilities, ticket sales improve your sales and negotiation skills, while bartending enhances your customer service and multitasking capabilities.

d. Financial Independence: These side hustles can help you earn extra income, providing financial independence while reducing reliance on student loans or parental support.

Balancing Work and Studies

While pursuing these side hustles, it's crucial to maintain a balance between work and studies. Prioritize your academic commitments, create a schedule that allows dedicated study time, and ensure you have enough rest to stay focused. Effective time management and communication with your employers or clients will help you excel both academically and in your side hustle endeavors.


University side hustles related to the nightlife industry offer an exciting and flexible way for students to make money while in college. Whether you choose to become a nightclub promoter, event planner, ticket seller, or bartender, these side hustles provide valuable experiences, networking opportunities, and financial independence.

Embrace the vibrant nightlife scene surrounding your campus and leverage your skills and passions to create a successful and rewarding side hustle. Start building your future career while enjoying the benefits of making money while in college.


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